How to Commute Safely with an Electric Bike

How to Commute Safely with an Electric Bike

Nov 14, 2022

E-bike commuting is awesome! You can carry more stuff without breaking a sweat, go faster than a traditional bike with less effort, and don't even worry about traffic jams or parking issues. In addition, cycling is also equivalent to exercising outdoors. The same caveat as with traditional bikes is that knowing how to safely commute with an e-bike makes the whole experience more fun and rewarding.

Recommendations for safe riding of electric bicycles:

1. Start slowly - You may be tempted to get your e-bike up to the top speed right away, but we recommend taking it easy and starting with a low power setting for the first few rides. We also recommend that you ride in a large open parking lot or closed road before you become familiar with e-bikes.

2. Faster braking - More power, higher speeds, and a heavier frame means you need to start slowing down your e-bike earlier than a regular bike.

3. Smooth and gentle braking - Basically all e-bikes have disc brakes, which means more efficient braking in any situation. As you get used to your new bike and brakes, be sure to always apply the braking force gradually in a gentle motion, pulling both brake levers evenly.

4. Ride extra attention - e-bikes look just like regular bikes, so one might not expect you to ride as fast as an e-bike allows. This means you should be extra careful while riding and pay more attention to your surroundings.

5. Follow the traffic rules - Your new e-bike will give you more freedom and fun, but it's still your responsibility to know and obey all road, road and trail traffic rules in your area. Electric bicycles have many advantages, you may wish to experience them and show the fun of riding. No one likes a reckless cyclist, especially an e-bike.

Of course, make sure to wear a high-quality helmet correctly before every ride, no matter the distance!

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