Electric Bike Maintenance Tips Guide

Electric Bike Maintenance Tips Guide

Nov 29, 2022

After riding a electric bicycle for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be some problems, so maintenance is very important. Generally, the maintenance of bicycles is divided into 4 stages.

1. For normal riding use,
2. Short-term (one week or ten days) regular maintenance
3. Mid-term (one or two months) regular maintenance
4. Long-term (six months or one year) regular maintenance

Below we will introduce the knowledge of bicycle maintenance in detail for these 4 periods.

Normal riding use

Although normal riding use seems to have nothing to do with maintenance, it is actually the most important and basic item in bicycle maintenance. Before riding, it is very important to check the condition of the bicycle. It is often forgotten, so before riding a bike, don't forget to do the following checks:

1. Check the height of the seat: especially if you are not riding your own car, you must remember to adjust the seat cushion to the appropriate height before riding.

2. Check the tightness of the screws in each part: check whether the quick release of the front and rear wheels and the seat post is locked, check whether the driver is fixed, and whether other screws are loose.

3. Check the tires: Check whether the tire pressure is sufficient, if not enough, press it to the appropriate pressure, check whether there are cracks on the tire wall, whether the anti-skid tread is too shallow, and replace the tire if necessary.
4. Check the front fork bowl: brake the front brake, shake the car body back and forth, if there is a shaking gap, it means that the front fork bowl must be readjusted.

5. Check the transmission: After starting, try to change the front and rear gears respectively, whether you can smoothly change to each gear, and whether there will be strange noises.

6. Check the brakes: try to pull the front and rear brakes to check whether the brakes can actually stop.

Short-term regular maintenance

Short-term maintenance should be carried out frequently. If you use the bicycle normally, the maintenance at this stage is quite simple, and this maintenance can keep your car in good condition, so it must not be ignored.

Cleaning the car: In addition to keeping your car clean and tidy, it can also effectively prevent the frame from rusting. If you are riding in heavy rain or muddy roads, you should clean the car as soon as possible after riding. Pay attention to the following points:

1. If there is not much sludge on the car body, or it is just dust, you can use a rag to wipe it off, or use a big brush to clean it.

2. Do not use high-pressure water jets to remove the sludge on the car body. Although this method is very efficient, it may force the sewage into the bearing, which will cause damage to the bearing. If there is a lot of sludge on the car body, the sludge should be scrubbed with a brush and soapy water, rinsed with clean water, and finally dried with a cloth. After the car is cleaned, remember to check whether the paint is peeled off, because the steel frame will rust after the paint peels off, while the aluminum alloy or carbon fiber and titanium alloy frame will not rust, and it will only affect the appearance.

3. After washing the car with water, remember to dry the chain and re-oil it.
Check the brake pads: remove the sundries on the brake pads to ensure their braking force. If the wear is serious, they must be replaced with new ones. the
Re-grease the cable tube: If the brake or shifting action is not good, it may be that the friction between the inner and outer cables is too large. Remove the outer cable from the stop tube, apply butter to the inner cable, and then reinstall it. If so, the action still remains If it is not smooth, you can replace the inner and outer line tubes.

Chain oiling: drip lubricating oil on the chain. After about ten minutes, wipe off the oil on the outside of the chain. As long as there is oil on the internal moving part of the chain, the excess lubricating oil on the outside will stick to dust and increase cleaning. trouble, so it's best to wipe it clean. In addition, if you use a spray can type of lubricating oil, remember to wipe off the oil that dripped on other parts after you finish oiling.

Mid-term regular maintenance

Your car has served you well for a while, and now is the time to get some of the more often-overlooked parts checked to keep it in good condition.

Check the chain: the chain will elongate after long-term use, the pitch of the chain is 0.5 inches, measure 24 chains, the length should be 12 inches, if the length has exceeded the normal length by 1/8 inches, the chain should be replaced .

Clean the chain: If there is a lot of sludge inside your chain, then it’s time to clean it. To clean the chain, you can use a chain washer, or remove the chain, find a container, fill it with solvent oil, put it in the chain, and shake it to make it Rinse, and finally take out to dry and oil.

Check the flywheel and the large sprocket: after replacing the chain, if the flywheel has tooth skipping, replace the flywheel. If the teeth of the large sprocket are worn out and the chain is jammed, it should also be replaced. Check the fixing screws of the large sprocket , and must be re-tightened if loose.
Check the wheel rim: Check whether there are tiny cracks near the air nozzle hole and the steel wire hole. If there is a crack, replace the rim as soon as possible, lift the wheel, rotate the wheel, and observe whether the rim will rub against the brake pads. friction, the rim must be readjusted.

Check the steel wire: check whether the steel wire of the front and rear wheels is broken, and replace it if any. After changing the steel wire, the rim must be readjusted. The steel wire on the right side near the rim is loosened, and the left side is locked. If it deviates to the left, the opposite is true. The left and right deflection range of the rim should be less than 2 mm.

Check the handlebar: Check whether the handlebar has deformed in the accident, whether there is a crack in the seat tube locking part, and if so, replace the handlebar.

Check the seat cushion and seat cushion rod: remove the seat cushion rod, check whether there is any deformation or crack, if not, put a thin layer of butter on it and put it back, check whether the seat cushion is damaged, whether the bottom bracket is intact, if there is any problem, Just replace it.

Long-term regular maintenance

Your car has been in use for such a long time, it has been through various conditions, and it is time to do a major inspection of those parts that have been functioning.

Check the hub: remove the front and rear wheels, check if there is any crack near the steel wire hole, if there is any, replace it immediately, turn the hub shaft by hand to see, then shake it up and down, if you feel a gap, or it is very loose, replace the hub shaft Disassemble, clean the internal oil, refill new butter, and reassemble the hub shaft. Remember to adjust the bearings so that the shaft can rotate smoothly, but there will be no gaps for shaking up and down.

Check the Tianxin: take off the chain, grab the crank and shake it left and right. If there is any shaking, tighten the fixing screws. If it still shakes, you must adjust the Tianxin bearing; put your ear on the seat cushion, and rotate the crank. The sound you hear should be The sound of "hu-hu" is very smooth. If you hear rattling or other strange sounds, it means that the bearing is damaged and the center of the sky needs to be replaced.

Check the pedals: Remove the pedals and use a 15mm open-end wrench. Note that the left pedal is left-toothed. Do not disassemble it by mistake. The pedal bearings do not need to be adjusted, but they still need to be checked. If you are using a cassette pedal, Then check whether the mechanism works normally and lubricate with oil.

Check the transmission: Check whether the various moving parts of the transmission shake. If so, it means that the wear of the transmission is quite serious and should be replaced. If not, lubricate the moving parts.
Shock absorber maintenance: The hydraulic shock absorber front fork should be disassembled and replaced with new shock absorber oil. For the form of Unisex, you should check whether the Unisex is cracked or deformed, and replace it if there is any. The maintenance of the shock absorber , should consult the original purchaser.

Check the frame: Check all the paint. If there is rust to the frame perforation, the frame needs to be replaced. If the frame is deformed by impact, it should also be replaced.

Renew all inner and outer cable tubes: All cable tubes have worn out over time and are therefore recommended to be replaced to maintain their performance.

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