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Jerry Dunbar
very good delivery

Item is just what I ordered and the delivery was excellent,I got it in 2 days!!

very fun bike

This electric bike is so much fun! I find myself riding longer and love that I can work out and pedal assist when needed.

I love it!

Good power and comfortable to ride! I love it!

Applegate C
Great bike

This ebike is great. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is very strong and stable.

Daniele Sigal

love this bike. The only downside is the saddle. Other than that, perfect.

Great bike

Great bike. I upgraded the pedals, added fenders and installed a handle bar extension to raise them. Now it’s a pumped out E-Bike. I love it.

I bought it for my nephew.

I bought it for my nephew. He plays very well in school. He likes the style very much. The price is affordable.

I like bicycle trips

I like bicycle trips, and I often encounter some steep hills. This electric bike can help me cope with them easily. Great mountain bike!

Santa Drew
I love the bike.

The bike was the best thing I've had ordered through store in a long time. I love the bike.

Randall Spittler
This ebike meets all my commuting needs

I work within 8 miles of my home. This ebike gets me to my destination twice as fast as a regular bike, and it's even faster than a city bus. This ebike meets all my commuting needs.

best bikes

The best bikes. I did a lot of research before I bought a bike. I will definitely buy again.


My adventure is amazing. I haven't had a bike in a few years and miss it. The bike is fun and of great quality.


This INTHEAIR ebike is easy to mount, and good looking. When I ride, powerful electric acceleration, speed of 23 mph is easily exceeded, possibility of doing 50kms depending on the use of the electric mode and choice of mechanical speed.

M. J. Kuklis
I love this ebike

Well made and sturdy, very powerful motor, I love this ebike and it was a lot of fun to ride again.

G. Groovy
Great bike

Great bike. Great seller, shipped on date, I have no problems with my bike, I'm happy

Love it!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this bike. It performs well and looks modern. Love it!

I like this bike

I like this bike. It's almost too much fun and I could ride it all day.The seller also good, they send me several emails to make sure I received the product and happy with it. Absolutely great customer service.recommend it.

I like ebike

The electric bicycle was received, the installation master is very professional, and the installation is very fast, only 20 mins.

Great electric bike!

The ebike has light and comfortable to ride. The appearance is very beautiful, the quality is very good, the price is not high, I am very satisfied.

Good bike

Good bike, highly recommended!

This is my first electric bicycle.

This is my first electric bicycle. I like everything about it. In addition to the seat, I replaced it with a more comfortable seat. Customer service responds very quickly. highly recommended!

This is my first fat tire e-bike

This is my first fat tire e-bike, I am impressed with its quality and performance. Cycling is fun for me, but with this bike I can get to other places easier and faster. The bike is big and heavy, but it's expected and I feel stable and secure with this bike.

I bought this electric bicycle for my wife.

I bought this electric bicycle for my wife. She likes it very much. It is very convenient for her to ride this electric bicycle to work every day!

Astoria Man
I love using this bike, it's so much fun to ride and makes life easier.

I'm an old rider, but riding is getting harder and harder for me. I didn't want to lose the joy of riding and chose the ebike. I love using this bike, it's so much fun to ride and makes life easier.

Intheair Classic
I'm a happy biker for the first time in my life.

Love my bike. My husband bought us both ebikes for an upcoming mtn biking trip with family, in hopes that I would actually enjoy the trip rather than dread it. And boy did I enjoy it! While the rest of the group struggled up hills, I trekked along happy as a bee, enjoying the scenery. Despite getting lost and adding several miles to the trip, the battery lasted the whole time with no issues. It even did better than my husband's bike from a different company that was $500 more. Solid bike, solid performance, easy to assemble. The front tire also disassembles easily to make transportation on a rack that much easier. I'm a happy biker for the first time in my life.