Lock Your Electric Bike Correctly

Lock Your Electric Bike Correctly

Oct 31, 2022

 While electric bikes can be parked almost anywhere a normal bike can be parked, make sure the place is secure and be aware of the locks.

buy good bike locks
Even if your e-bike comes with a lock, consider purchasing another one to keep your personal belongings safe. Be sure to choose high-quality locks that won't be easily cut by thieves. Lock the bike to a permanent fixture and, if possible, use a cable lock to lock the wheels and any quick-release parts (such as the saddle).

Please pay attention to the parking place
Like other bicycles, even properly locked, they can still be targeted for theft. Overnight parking is especially true as late-night vandalism occurs. It is recommended to park the electric bicycle in a well-lit place where other bicycles are also parked.

Please take the battery away
If the battery can be easily removed from the frame, it is best to take the battery with you. If it's just a short stop at the store, leaving the battery in the car may not be a problem, but if you're leaving the car for a few hours at work or out all day, we recommend taking the battery away.

Lastly, don't forget to see how the rack lofitted with an ecks to the car hook if -bike rack that fits the car hook. You don't want to go to great lengths to lock your e-bike to the frame and get both stolen!

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