What are the benefits of riding an electric bike for an hour a day?

What are the benefits of riding an electric bike for an hour a day?

Feb 20, 2023

Riding an e-bike for an hour a day has many benefits, including saving money, improving your health and reducing your environmental impact. With the increased ranger and speed of e-bikes, getting around and enjoying the great outdoors has never been easier.

Cycling for an hour a day is actually the heart muscle. If you insist on cycling for an hour a day for a long time, you will find that your aerobic threshold is getting better and better. Simply put, the same speed, the same equipment, the same road, you will find At the beginning of cycling, the heartbeat will be very fast and chaotic, with severe fluctuations. But after one hour a day for half a year, you will find that your heart rate is stable and even and your heart rate will decrease steadily, your blood pressure and blood lipids will also be greatly improved, and your lung blood oxygen capacity, liver metabolic transaminase and aspartate and glutamate will all be lower. a lot of. People will become more energetic, because the metabolism will speed up, the skin will be much better, the strength and endurance of the legs will be improved, and sweating during exercise is a real benefit. I will also meet many friends, see different scenery, and go to different places to eat and drink without any disturbance.

Even if you only ride an electric bike for an hour a day, there are too many benefits of riding. Are you sure you don’t want to know about it?

Benefits in life and work

1. Easy to travel
With a little planning, your bike can be used for two purposes, commuting or doing chores.
With an e-bike with a cart basket, you can lose weight while cycling to the grocery store, or beat traffic while cycling to work while burning calories.

2. Save a lot of money
Who doesn't want to save some extra money? Think how much you could save on gas each year if you cycled to and from get off work every day!

3. Be more creative
Research confirms that people who exercise regularly are more creative at work. So don’t be ashamed to go out for a short ride while you’re at work, because you’re more efficient than your co-workers when you’re done.

4. Reduce stress
Regular cycling balances cortisol levels and lowers mental tension, making even the toughest boss less irritating.

5. Clear mind
It’s not just a psychological illusion that cycling keeps your mind clear throughout the day, studies have shown that people who cycle regularly are more mentally alert than their sedentary colleagues.

6. Improve efficiency
Years of research have found that just a few minutes of cycling a day is productive exercise. Even 10 minutes of cycling a day can be very beneficial. If you find yourself feeling down in the afternoon, a quick workout can lift your spirits. You don't need to exercise for too long, just a short ride will do.

7. Stay alert
Studies show that regular exercise keeps the mind and body alert and smarter.

8. Have nice legs
I have to admit that the riders have enviable legs.

9. Fall in love with exercising
Recent studies have confirmed that people who really love exercising are more likely to lose weight while exercising and stick to it until they reach their desired weight goals. And, what better exercise than riding a bike and enjoying the scenery along the way?

10. Sexier
Several studies have found that regular exercise can improve libido.
The researchers suspect this is because exercise improves blood vessel health, increasing blood flow. At the same time, exercise can improve self-esteem and make you more confident about your body.
And when it comes to sexiness, athletes of either gender are sexier than the average person, according to research from Cornell University.
The results of the study found that female athletes experienced menopause 2-5 years later than the average woman; male athletes had the same sex drive as the average male who was 2-5 years younger than them.

11. Be your own coach
When you're riding, you're cutting out distractions, giving yourself full attention, and meditating.
Whether you're consciously meditating before a ride or meditating during a ride, it'll help you reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and enjoy a focused ride.

12. Eat snacks with confidence
Eating high-calorie foods like chocolate chip cookies and freshly baked desserts can make you feel guilty, but when you're done riding and burning a lot of calories, you don't need to worry about calories.

Safeguarding Health Benefits

1. Improve aerobic exercise capacity
The more you ride, the healthier you are. At first you may feel that the effect is not obvious, but if you stick to it, the more you ride, the more obvious the effect will be. You will find increased muscle mass, improved cardiovascular function, and improved physical condition. At the same time, it can in turn promote cycling.

2. Delay aging
A London study of 2,400 pairs of identical twins found that the twin who rode three times a week for less than four hours looked nine years younger than the sedentary counterpart.

3. Burn calories
Cycling is very easy, ultra-long-distance cycling, and high-intensity interval cycling are very challenging exercises. Cycling can easily consume 700 calories per hour, which can make losing weight and keeping fit easy and fun.

4. Healthier than driving
Many people's argument against riding is that it's too dangerous. But the National Institutes of Health report says that, in general, biking is far less dangerous than driving and offers far greater health benefits.

5. Promote metabolism
Not only the basal metabolic rate, but also the fat consumption rate will increase with cycling, but studies have found that this improvement is only maintained within a few hours after riding, so if you ride for 20 minutes, your body will experience a lot of changes during the ride Maintain efficient fat consumption in the middle. It's basically an added bonus of riding.

6. Improve digestion
Exercise speeds up the body's digestive process, shortens the time it takes food to reach the large intestine, and controls the amount of water absorbed, so stool passes more easily.

7. Stay young
Cycling is the secret of long-lived old people to maintain youthful vitality. A birthday man is still riding happily at the age of 90.
The researchers also confirmed her secret that exercising every day, especially low-impact exercise such as cycling, can prolong life and stay young.

8. Lose weight
Cycling can consume 300-700 calories per hour, and cycling at a medium speed for a few hours a week can make you lose more than 10 catties within a year.

9. Reduce the risk of impotence
Harvard University researchers found that men over the age of 50 who cycled at least three hours a week had a 30 percent lower risk of impotence than other men. So, those who are worried about the side effects of riding, can rest assured.

10. Keep blood pressure stable
Studies have shown that cycling can lower blood pressure, about 8 values per month for diastolic blood pressure and 10 values for systolic blood pressure. At the same time, cycling can increase the blood flow rate, make the arteries smoother and prevent blockage.

11. Feel happy
The cascade of reactions that brain chemistry takes place through cycling can make you happier and calmer. Cycling unleashes primal urges, produces dopamine, and makes us feel happy.

12. Improve sleep
Sleep like a baby at night when you're done with high-intensity, long-distance rides. Physical activity improves sleep quality, says the Sleep Foundation, with longer rides associated with shorter time to fall asleep and higher quality sleep


Disease Reduction Benefits

1. Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes can be caused by poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, or obesity.
One way to stave off the disease is to get active, and a Finnish study found that cycling for 30 minutes a day was associated with a 40 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

2. Avoid Arthritis
Cycling allows you to spend more time outdoors, increases joint movement, and protects you from arthritis as you age.

3. Lower risk of depression
Cycling is not only good for the heart, but also has many psychological benefits. Regular exercise is great for people struggling with depression, and studies have shown that exercising regularly and sweating can regulate brain chemistry and restore you to a healthy, happy life.

4. Strengthen heart function
All exercise, but especially cycling, strengthens the heart muscle, lowers the pulse at rest, increases blood flow, keeps the heart strong, and reduces the risk of heart disease and premature aging.

5. Improve lung function
Lung function improves with aerobic capacity, and studies show that commuters who cycle to work are less affected by air pollution than those who drive.

6. Reduces risk of heart disease
Many studies have found that regular exercise, especially cycling, can reduce the risk of heart disease.
The British Heart Foundation even found that around 10,000 fatal heart attacks each year could be prevented by cycling regularly. The foundation says cycling 20 miles a week can cut your risk of heart disease in half.

7. Fewer illnesses
A University of North Carolina study found that people who cycle for 30 minutes a day, five times a week, get sick less than their sedentary colleagues.

8. Reduces Cancer Risk
Research shows that regular exercise can reduce the risk of colon, breast and rectal cancer. A Finnish study found that men who regularly exercised or cycled to and from get off work had a 50 percent lower risk of cancer than men in general.

9. Keep blood sugar stable
Cycling regularly can make blood sugar levels more stable. This is because the sugar in the bloodstream is processed by the muscles.

8. Control diabetes
If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, cycling regularly can help keep your condition under control and help your body maintain normal blood sugar levels.

9. Calm your nerves
Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that the body obtains through exposure to sunlight, and the best way to get it is by spending more time outdoors. Beyond that, plenty of data suggests that nature has a calming effect on the nerves.

10. Smooth production
A University of Michigan study found that women who exercised during pregnancy felt better, gave birth more easily, and recovered more quickly after giving birth. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that works well during pregnancy.

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