Those cold knowledge about bicycles that you don't know!

Those cold knowledge about bicycles that you don't know!

Dec 09, 2022

After riding for so long, do you think you know a lot about cycling? The fact is, you don’t necessarily know the following cold knowledge about bicycles~

1. The prototype of the mountain bike did not start to develop until 1977, because its model was made by Joe Breeze, so it was also called Breezer 1, and the later famous mountain bike was developed by Gray Fisher in 1979 two years later Co-produced with Charlie Kelly.

2. The 80kg Boneshaker bicycle was born in 1868 and consists of an iron frame, steel rings and wooden tires.

3. The longest multi-person bicycle is more than 20 meters long, and it can hold 35 people. This bike is on the list of the dumbest designs ever made.

4. After an elementary school replaced all desks and chairs with reading bicycles (Reading Bicycles), students' test scores skyrocketed. Such a move successfully allowed students to combine improving academic performance and burning calories.

5. The fastest bicycle riding speed reached 250 kilometers per hour. The record was set by John Howard, a brave man riding a specially designed bike who survived and told others about the madness.

6. A parking space for ordinary cars can park up to 20 bicycles. Veteran drivers should know that during rush hour, cycling is about twice as fast as driving a car.

7. Assuming that the total distance to and from get off work is 16 kilometers per day, using a bicycle instead of driving a car can save $10, reduce 5 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, and burn 360 calories more, but the price of a bicycle is much cheaper than that of a car.

8. There are more than 1 billion bicycles in the world, which is more than twice the number of cars. Another 50 million to 100 million bicycles are manufactured each year. This situation intensified after the emergence of shared bicycles!

9. 25% of the world's bicycle rides are within 2 kilometers from home, 50% are within 5 kilometers of home, and only 10% of bicycle rides exceed 15 kilometers.

10. The structure of the two-wheeled bicycle as we know it today has not changed significantly since 1900.

11. Among the means of transportation, the energy conversion efficiency of bicycles is the highest, much higher than that of trains, trucks, cars, ships and airplanes, but the energy conversion efficiency of ducks is even higher than that of bicycles.

12. The smallest bicycle in the world so far is made of silver dollars. The bike, with pedals as wide as two fingers and the distance between the wheels just three inches (7.6 centimeters), was built by a man named Bobby and his father.

13. The more people who ride bicycles, the more secure the roads will be. If the number of bicycles on the road tripled, the number of collisions between motor vehicles and bicycles would be reduced by half.

14. Learning to ride a unicycle is a compulsory course at St. Helens University in Newbury, Ohio, USA. Students would practice unicycles in the school corridors.

15. The slowest cycling speed was set by Japanese Tsugunobu Mitsuishi in 1965. The then 39-year-old balanced on a bicycle for 5 hours and 25 minutes.

16. There are at least 400 riding clubs in the United States, with a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 4,000 members. There are about one billion bicycles in the world, and 430 million cyclists come from China.

17. Lance Armstrong's heart is a third larger than normal, and researchers in France say almost all cyclists who compete in the Tour de France have larger hearts.

18. 10% of New York's workforce - about 65,000 residents commute by bicycle. The proportion of cycling commuting in China needs to be improved.

19. In New York, from 1990 to 2005, only one cyclist was killed on a bicycle lane, and New York is considered one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.

20. In current numbers, cyclists save the world 238 million gallons (900,928 cubic meters) of gasoline, equivalent to a savings of $1 billion.

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