6 Misunderstandings of Electric Bike Riding

6 Misunderstandings of Electric Bike Riding

Dec 29, 2022

Now more and more people are putting into the ranks of fitness exercises, and there are various ways of exercising, among which bicycle is a relatively common one. Most people think that riding an electric bicycle is very simple. In fact, if you do not master the correct method, it will easily affect the exercise effect. Here are 6 common misunderstandings about riding an electric bicycle for fitness.

1. Most people think that the so-called pedaling means stepping down and turning the wheel. In fact, correct pedaling should include: stepping, pulling, lifting, and pushing 4 coherent actions. Step on the soles of the feet first, then retract the calf and pull it back, then lift it up, and finally push it forward, so as to complete a circle of pedaling. Pedaling in such a rhythm not only saves energy but also increases speed.

2. Many young people are eager to ride far and fast. For example, those who have not ridden long distances have ridden 50 kilometers at once, and only pursue speed and strength on the way. This is actually very harmful to the body, and in severe cases, water will accumulate in the knees. Exercise volume, frequency and intensity are the three principles of exercise. It is recommended that beginners find a frequency that suits them and then increase the amount of exercise. The pedaling frequency of ordinary people is about 60 to 80 times per minute. At least 20 minutes of warm-up at high frequency and low speed (that is, more laps and less effort) is required for each ride, so that the body can sweat slightly.

3. The wrong cycling posture not only affects the exercise effect, but also easily causes damage to the body. The correct posture is to lean forward slightly, straighten your arms, tighten your abdomen, adopt abdominal breathing method, keep your legs parallel to the beam of the car, keep your knees and hips coordinated, and pay attention to the riding rhythm.

4. Improper cushion position will shorten your training time, you should adjust the height of the cushion. Whether there is a cushion with or without a backrest, it is required to adjust the height of the cushion so that the knee joint is in a slightly bent position when the thigh is fully extended.

5. Some people say that pedaling with the soles of the feet will massage the Yongquan point, which can improve the regulation of the genitourinary system. The Yongquan point is on the sole of the foot instead of the center of the foot, and pedaling on the sole of the foot will not massage the Yongquan point. When riding a bicycle, the legs move continuously. Since the nerves that control the movement of the legs and the nerves that cause the lower body to rise belong to the lumbar plexus, riding a bicycle exercises the legs and indirectly exercises sexual ability. If you lean forward and pedal when riding a bicycle, especially a racing bicycle, the bicycle seat cushion will stimulate the lower body and play the role of local massage.

6. Many people think that as long as they ride a bicycle, they can achieve the purpose of exercise. But in fact, different cycling methods have very different exercise effects. There are two main ways to ride a bike. The main purpose of leisure cycling is to relax muscles and deepen breathing, so as to relieve physical and mental fatigue. There is also a training-style cycling method, that is, specify the cycling speed each time, and at the same time control the cycling speed with your own pulse strength, which can effectively improve the cardiopulmonary function and exercise the human cardiovascular system.

Maintain good riding habits and your health will develop well.

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