The Best Step-Through Electric Bike for 2023

The Best Step-Through Electric Bike for 2023

Jan 11, 2023

Our urban electric bike are becoming more and more popular now. In response to the concept of green environmental protection, electric bicycles are undoubtedly the best ideal means of transportation. Whether you're commuting, recreational riding, or just getting from point A to point B, electric bikes are the perfect solution.


Step-Through electric bike is a type of bike, which is also very commonly used in daily life. Great convenience for people traveling.


What attire do I need for a Step-Through electric bike?

Step-Through bikes were originally designed to make cycling easier for women in formal clothes. If you're wearing skinny jeans, a skirt, or anything else - a stride e-bike is perfect. So you don't have to worry about wearing stretchy bike-specific clothing.


Are Step-Through electric bikes suitable for the elderly?

Some people think that Step-Through bicycles are for women to ride, but they are wrong. With the progress of society, Step-Through electric bike have become popular among men, women and children. Therefore, Step-Through Step-Through are very suitable for the elderly to ride, because many elderly people move slowly, and their legs and feet are a bit inconvenient, but as old people, they also enjoy the fun and joy of riding, so Step-Through electric bikes are the perfect choice.


Intheair Cityrider Step-Through Electric Bike

The design of this model adopts unique patented technology. From the appearance, it can be more fashionable and beautiful.


Designed with comfort in mind, the Intheair Cityrider typically adopts an upright riding position that reduces stress on the lower back and wrists. The design makes it easier to install and remove the bike. The design also ensures safety during riding. The rider’s suitability for riding the Intheair Cityrider, the convenience of getting on and off the bus, and the short distance between the rider and the ground all greatly guarantee the principle of safety first.

Key Features of Intheair Cityrider:

There are four working modes, which add a lot of fun to riding and meet different riding needs. The all-electric mode allows you to drive without pedaling, similar to a motorcycle, you just need to keep the bike fully charged. Its pedal mode is the same as normal cycling, riding with both feet. Pedal Assist mode, Pedal Assist does not replace manual pedals. It can only help. The motor only fires when you're pedaling, so your legs always have some work to do. That said, when you pedal, you feel a force pushing you forward, making your ride easier. In the power assist mode, when the battery power of the bike is low, the cruising range of the car can be increased by using the method of manual pedaling. It does not need to be pushed completely by hand if the battery is dead like pure electric.


36V / 10AH lithium-ion battery, a single charge can travel more than 22-30 miles maximum range. Generally, if you have a larger mileage itinerary, one charge is often not enough. If you use the pedal mode to ride during the period, you can use the electric mode on the key uphill and strenuous, it can indeed let you ride farther distance. However, this will vary depending on how much pedal assist you use, the terrain you cover, rider weight and other factors. But you don't have to guess as the built-in indicator light keeps you informed of battery status.


350w Brushless Motor, passed the European conformity certification and passed the quality inspection, that will allow you to ride freely through the city blocks, light trails, and dirt roads just like the breeze. There're no obstacles to a steep hill and you can enjoy it on your energized outing journey.


Are Step-Through electric bikes available for purchase?

It really depends on your personal preference. If you're a delivery guy who gets on and off your ebike a lot. If you ride in a busy urban area and often need to stop and start, a stride frame can make your life easier. If you are an elderly person with limited mobility and also like to ride, then I highly recommend one. Perhaps as e-bikes for everyday use, they're excellent.


After the arrival of 2023, it is very important to choose an ebike that suits you. The Step-Through electric bike is practical and comfortable, and it is very suitable for riders of all ages, regardless of gender. The important thing is to make a choice according to your own needs. I hope you found this article useful if you need any help or advice in choosing your next electric bike.

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