What Are The Characteristics of The Electric Bike Display

What Are The Characteristics of The Electric Bike Display

Apr 09, 2023

LCD displays are an integral element when it comes to the design of e-bikes. LCD is the English abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display, which is a relatively common display technology at present. The LCD display is composed of multiple liquid crystal units, which can be controlled by an electric field to adjust the degree of light transmission and display images. Compared with traditional CRT displays or LED displays, LCD displays have the advantage of being more energy efficient.

The LCD display of an electric bike usually displays some useful information, which is very important to the rider. For example, the battery level of an e-bike is a key piece of information, as it helps riders understand how much longer the e-bike can go on the road, so it can avoid running out of power on the way. In addition, the LCD display can also display information such as the current vehicle speed, the mileage traveled, the current power assist gear, time and temperature, etc., all of which can help riders better control their riding.


The LCD display of an electric bike usually displays the following functions: speed, mileage, power, time, power assist gear, gear adjustment, light, fault prompt and temperature

 E-bike LCD display is easy to operate

The ebike LCD display  is usually easy to operate. Most displays use simple menus and icons to display information and operating options, usually just pressing the corresponding button or turning the controller to complete the desired operation.

In addition, the LCD displays of most e-bikes have an intuitive interface and easy-to-understand functions, and users can easily understand what each menu option and function does. In addition, the LCD displays of many electric bicycles also have a backlight function, which can display information clearly in different light conditions.

In general, the LCD display screens of electric bicycles are designed to be more and more easy to operate, so that users can conveniently use various functions, and at the same time improve the ease of use and user experience of electric bicycles. 

Electric Bike LCD Display Versatility

Power-assist gear: Electric bike usually have multiple power-assist gears, and different power-assist gears can be selected according to different needs.

Mileage Calculation: The LCD display usually records the riding mileage, including single mileage and total mileage.

Power display: The power display of the electric bicycle can provide real-time information on the battery level, letting you know when it needs to be charged.

Speed calculation: LCD display can display information such as current vehicle speed and average speed.

Time display: The LCD display of the electric bike usually displays the current time, as well as information such as riding time.

Light Control: The LCD display of many electric bike can also control the switch and brightness of the front and rear lights.

Temperature display: The LCD display of some electric bicycles can also display the temperature of the battery and motor to protect the battery and motor.

Fault prompt: If the electric bicycle fails, the LCD display will display the corresponding error code and prompt information to let the user know how to solve the problem.

 Energy saving and environmental protection of electric bicycle LCD display

The LCD display of electric bicycles usually uses liquid crystal display technology. Compared with traditional CRT displays or LED displays, LCD displays can be more energy-efficient, because LCD displays only consume power when they need to display images.

 In addition, the use of electric bicycles is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly way, because compared with cars or motorcycles, electric bicycles do not produce harmful exhaust emissions, and electric bicycles can also be charged using renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, etc. .

 Therefore, although the LCD display itself is not the main factor for the energy saving and environmental protection of electric bicycles, it plays an important role in the energy saving and environmental protection system of the entire electric bicycle.

 The LCD display of some high-end electric bicycles can also provide more functions, such as navigation, Bluetooth connection, mobile phone charging, etc. These functions can make electric bicycles more intelligent and convenient for riders to use.

In a word, the LCD display of an electric bike plays a very important role , it can not only provide useful information, but also make the electric bike more intelligent. With the continuous development of technology, the LCD display screen of electric bike will also be continuously upgraded and improved to meet the needs of riders.

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