Interpretation of Electric Bike Performance

Interpretation of Electric Bike Performance

Mar 10, 2023

As a common means of transportation for families, electric vehicles play an important role in our lives. For many car owners, when choosing an electric vehicle, the most concerned issue is the performance of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the higher the performance of the vehicle, the more popular it is with users.

Small knowledge of electric bicycle performance

The properties and functions of machinery, equipment, objects, etc. are called performance, which in layman's terms means whether something is good or not. So how do you see whether our electric bicycles are good? The most important thing is to see if it runs far and rides well. The performance of electric bicycles is embodied in four major accessories: motor, battery, charger, and controller.

Ebike Motor

In terms of motors, there are four common types, namely: brushed hub motors with gears, brushed hub motors without gears, brushless hub motors without gears, brushless hub motors with gears, etc.; the best of which is brushless geared hub motors. motor.

According to the speed of the motor, there are generally two types: high-speed motor, the speed is above 3000 rpm; low-speed motor, the speed is within 300 rpm. High-speed motors have powerful power and large torque. When used for power driving, they have high efficiency and low energy consumption, while low-speed motors are the opposite.

According to the presence or absence of brushes, it is divided into brush motors and brushless motors. At present, the mainstream of the market is brushless motor electric bicycles.

Electric Bike Battery

As the power source of electric vehicles, the quality of batteries determines the safety performance, riding experience and battery life of electric vehicles. The popular electric bicycle batteries on the market now include lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

In general, lithium batteries have better battery life, longer life, and lighter weight, but they are also more expensive and slightly less safe than lead-acid batteries.

In short, which one is better, lead-acid battery or lithium battery, cannot be judged simply by the quality of the battery. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different demand groups. Consumers should choose according to their own needs.

Ebike Controller

The controller mainly controls the start, operation, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other core control components of the electric vehicle motor, and the performance and characteristics displayed by different models are also different.

Ebike charger

The charger is mainly a component that supplies power to the battery. Generally, it is necessary to prevent the charger from shaking violently during charging, and the charging time should not be too long. These are the basis for battery maintenance.

Whether the quality of the electric bicycle is good or not, it is "running far". Under the same motor power and electricity condition, the farther the electric bicycle runs, the better the quality of the four core components and the higher the matching degree. Finally, I hope everyone can have a pleasant riding experience, and I wish everyone can charge safely and travel safely!

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