Electric Bike Maintenance Tip: How to Keep your E-bike like Brand New

Electric Bike Maintenance Tip: How to Keep your E-bike like Brand New

Oct 23, 2022

E-bikes are still bicycles but general maintenance is not the exact same as a standard bicycle. Understanding how to care for a standard bike will give you a good head start, but electric bikes are more intricate and heavier, so they require extra maintenance.

1. Check tire pressure regularly

2. Make sure the chain is properly lubricated

3. Check to see that you are able to shift between all 7 gears

4. Ensure that your brakes are firm and don’t rub on the rotor.

5. The best practices for ensuring that your bike’s battery has a long life are the following:

Charge it for a full 12 hours for the first 3 charging cycles.

Store your battery in an area that is neither too hot nor too cold. Remember, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving your child/pet at that temperature, it’s too hot/cold for your battery.

If you need to store your battery for an extended period, i.e. through the winter, then charge/discharge the battery to 50% charge. That will help the battery maintain its memory during downtime. If you own a trickle charger, then that’s even better. Just connect it to the trickle charger and you’re good to go!

Above all else, make sure that you do a pre-ride check before you go anywhere on your bike. Check the tires, quick releases, and bolt tightness.

If you feel that anything is off about your bike while riding, stop and address the issue immediately. Never ride your bike if it’s not in perfect working condition.

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